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Tyler A. Chase - Director/Producer/Editor

    Tyler is an auteur/filmmaker who founded L’ORAGE while attending New York University film School and in her first year created, Urban Inquisition, a short, narrative, 16mm film and the short satirical narrative film called Fowl Play, starring Jack Mulcahy (The Brothers McMullen). Both films screened at: the Tribecca Screening Room, the Cantor Screening Room, New York International Independent Film Festival, Occularis Open Eye and The Pioneer Theater.  Tyler was consultant and associate producer of award winning documentary films by Joanne Cheng: Mama's Gold and China Gold Rush (aired twice as a PBS special).

  Recently Chase's first feature documentary, A Castle in Brooklyn - King Arthur with Golden Globe Award winner, Brian Cox is completed and in the Festival Circuit. The Award winning, Sweet Soul in Exile (2019) is a short documentary. In 2013 Tyler completed the short award winning narrative psychological drama, Animal Crackers (Pentimenti).

Tyler has several film projects at different stages of development and production: Blues for 475 (post- production), Let Them Eat Geese (development/production) and Touched by Duse with Ellen Burstyn, Paul Sorvino, and others is in post pending a remaining shoot.  Footage from Touched by Duse, was screened as a work in progress at the National Arts Club, The Players Club, Kanbar Instititute of Film & Television at NYU Tish School of the Arts, William Esper Studio and the Dante Alighieri Society in Cambridge. L'ORAGE Productions participated as an NGO and Tyler took part in the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights Violations in Housing at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and footage from her investigative documentary work was screened as testimony.  Tyler spoke on a United Nations panel about pre-emptive forced eviction as well as at Columbia University.

Memberships include:  Film Fatales, IDA, D-Word, The National Arts Club, Fractured Atlas


Lisette D. Cevallos - Producer/Administrative Director


Lisette Cevallos (Producer, V.P. of L’ORAGE), graduated from the NYU Film Program where she learned many aspects of production and has supported the creation of the work of L'ORAGE from the onset. She is a producer, administrator, writer and budget/accounting person and is often a crew member in all levels of the films produced at L’ORAGE Productions. She is also a union actress with a background in theatre performance and an award winning visual artist. She is a producer of the completed feature documentary film, A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur with Golden Globe Award winner, Brian Cox as Narrator (presently in the festival circuit), the  award winning short documentary, Sweet Soul in Exile and the award winning short narrative film, Animal Crackers (Pentimenti),

Cevallos is involved in projects of different stages of development. They are: Blues for 475 (in post production), Let Them Eat Geese (development/production) and Touched by Duse (post production/production). Lisette participated on a panel at the National Arts Club that included Paul Sorvino, Mario Fratti, William Esper, Helen Sheehy and Tyler A. Chase where there was a special event and screening of footage of Touched by Duse.


Connie Crothers– (1941 - 2016) Improvisational Jazz Pianist, Composes/Performs Music in the Movie and on this Site

     Aside from being so kind as to appear in and support of our film, Connie is known for her uncompromising improvisation and virtuosity as a Jazz Pianist. She is continually doing shows throughout the world and the New York area.  She released four CDs in 2011. Critic Grego Edwards said, “Connie Crothers is important. Important to the music.”   Eight CDs were critic’s choice for their year's best lists. Connie’s quartet appeared in the 2011 Vision Festival prompting Ken Weiss to name her quartet in Jazz Inside as, “the highlight of the Festival.”

     Connie had a long association and performed with Max Roach and recorded "Swish" as part of his historic duets recordings. They performed duos at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, in Tokyo, and Harvard University, where she was honored as Visiting Jazz Artist. Connie is supportive of this film, allowing Tyler to film her at 475 Kent, The Blue Note and other venues.  Her compositions Good Friends and Blues for 475 and her insights into housing what it is like to be a musician living in New York are instrumental to this project. You can purchase her music at:



Cody Geil – Composer, Musician

     We are excited to have Cody's instrumental music, Wonderland in our film.  Cody Geil studied Suzuki violin when she was three and piano at six. In 2000 she went, on scholarship, to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her experience in the international music scene is strong: touring Europe and The United Arab Emirates with her electric string band Eden, touring China with bluegrass group East River Ensemble, and recently with indie-rock band Freak Owls in both the states and Europe.

     Cody played with Kanye West, Christina Aguilera and also Nelson Mandela's Birthday concert. Performances include New York’s Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Late Show with Dave Letterman, and MTV. Cody sings and leads a jazz group, Bon Musique, playing events for Martha Stewart and Vera Wang and recently at the NY Public Library's centennial event. She will be playing at President Obama's inauguration ceremony.

She is involved in L’ORAGE Productions independent feature films in development, including, Touched by Duse and A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur. https://www.codygeil.com/


Deborah Masters - Sculptor/Artist - Appears as Herself (tenant of 475 Kent)

     Renowned sculptor, Deborah Masters has supported this film from its inception. Aside from being in our film, she went to a lot of trouble to arrange our filming at the Kent building when no one was allowed to be there. She also arranged for us to film her enormous panels built into the walls of terminal four in Kennedy Airport.   

     Deborah Masters is a sculptor who has shown widely in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She has had many one-person exhibitions and group shows, and has shown in the Metropolitan Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the Queens Museum, and the Whitney Museum at Phillip Morris. She has concentrated on permanent public art installations in JFK Airport’s Terminal 4 Immigration Hall , Walking New York, 350’ of painted reliefs (for which she received Best Public Art Prize of 2002 from the Municipal Art Society), Coney Island’s Ocean Parkway Viaduct, the Coney Island Reliefs, 1260 sq ft of relief sculpture, Audubon Park ‘s Travelers in New Orleans, California State University at Chico’s Three Sisters, and Harrisburg, PA’s  Park Mother in Reservoir Park, among others. She has also completed 15 major private commissions. She is currently working on Artifacts a 7-piece ruin of oversize pieces, which will tumble down a steep hill in a cow and sheep pasture at Kinderhook Farm, NY in 2014.

     She has also worked on the environment for 30 years winning the Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention for removing all VOCs at a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Toxic Release Inventory facility. Her work has centered on removing toxins from the environment and being a Watchperson for the Greenpoint/Williamsburg Community. She helped begin the Mobil Oil Lawsuit, from which the Greenpoint community has recently been awarded 25 million dollars. Masters was recently working on The Green Eggs Wetland Project, a stormwater garden, which combined her interest in art and the environment. It was funded by the Hudson River Foundation.

     Masters has also worked on the Loft Law since 1980, when wide-scale evictions of loft tenants began in NYC’s industrial buildings. Masters worked to help write the 1st Loft Law with the lawyers committee that concentrated on Chapter 466. She has continued her tenant advocacy from 1980 to the present. Among her achievements was a court victory against one of the Village Voice’s “10 Worst Landlords”.



Guy Lesser – Appears as Himself (tenant of 475 Kent)

     Writer/musician, Guy Lesser, a freelance writer for Harpers magazine (and son of the legendary TV writer, Frank Lesser) is an insightful and articulate man.  His sarcastic, witty commentaries on the forced preemptive eviction at 475 Kent provide narration filled with candor and enormous insight into the insanity of the events as they unfolded at the building.



Elizabeth "Page" Walker – Graphics (Poster Graphics and L'ORAGE Site)


Based in Atlanta, Elizabeth Page Walker met Director, Tyler A. Chase and Producer, Lisette Cevallos at the Cannes Film Festival . Since then Page has participated on documentaries as a Graphics person for posters. She also recreated the L'ORAGE website.  Originally from the deep south of Georgia. Page  is a filmmaker, photographer,  and artist.  She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism from the University of Georgia. Her major was Mass Media Arts with an emphasis in Video Production and her minor was Chinese Language and Culture.

Page debuted her first short film, Remnants in a college classroom.  Page made several other short films for the Campus Movie Festival, including, Maddy and Eavesdropped, in which she did Cinematography. She completed a Production Assistant Internship in Shanghai, China with a film company named, Bright Shadow Films.After her graduation, Page spent over a year studying and teaching English in Mainland China.  She also does photography.





Simon Lee - Appears as Himself (tenant of 475 Kent)

Simon Lee was present the day of the preemptive forced eviction and gives an account of what occured. Simon Lee works in photography, video and installation; his latest project MOTHER IS PASSING. COME AT ONCE is a multi-screen, kinetic installation. His work is known to often be "a powerful metaphor for the random flow of history and a low tech formal tour de force" (Holland Cotter, New York Times). Lee has exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art; The Berkshire Museum, MA, Roebling Hall, New York; the Moscow International Film Festival; Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montreal; Poznan Bienalle, Poland; The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn NY; Tinguely Museum, Basel, Switzerland; Espace Paul Ricard, Paris, France; and The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. His photographic series Where the Future Throws a Shadow over the Land has been presented in exhibitions in Moscow, Copenhagen and Montreal.


Sergio Goes – Contributed Footage

Known for  his stellar photography and his award winning documentary, Black Picket Fence, the late Sergio Goes did a black and white video of a wedding on the roof of the 475 Kent for newlyweds Alison Dell and Rob years ago.  He loved living at 475 Kent and moved to Hawaii shortly before the evictions took place. He died a couple of years ago while free diving and doing what he loved to do, underwater photography. His wife Andrea Torres gave us the footage saying that Sergio would have wanted us to have it for this film.


Andrea Torres - Contributed Footage

Andrea lives in Hawaii where she has a dance company. She was kind to allow us the use of her late husband, Sergio Goes footage of the Kent from a wedding he filmed there, showing the happiness and kind of community spirit of 475 Kent. 


Ashley Tyler – (Contributed Footage - Former Tenant of 475 Kent)

Fashion Designer, Ashley Tyler gave us the rights to vital footage of the eviction and the weeks following the eviction.  Ashley also filmed meetings with state agencies that lends a clear understanding of what it is like to be suddenly homeless.  It also shows the agencies as a muddled mess blindly following orders despite the consequences.


Alison Dell – Appears as Herself - Contributed Footage (tenant of 475 Kent)

Scientist, Allison Dell who’s Wedding took place on the rooftop of the Kent building connected us to the widow of Sergio Goes so that we could acquire it.  The footage is vital to the film in that it provides insight into the happy community that lived at the building and how they would contribute to each others lives. She also gave us right to crucial photos, one of which is being used for our poster.  Allison is still at the Kent and is in the film


Michael Kreigh – Contributed photography (tenant of 475 Kent)

Architect, Michael Kreigh is an architect who contributed great photos of the 475 Kent building and days and nights when tenants stood outside their in the freezing cold, holding signs and trying to stay cheerful.





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